Welcome to Chubby Snacks




I guess you can say the Chubby Snacks story starts with our parents. They were each critiquing food labels in supermarket aisles before it was cool. That’s what led Dillon, Brett and I on a mission to shake up the outdated food industry with “better for you” snack options (hey, I’m John).

Before launching in the Summer of 2020, we spent months tirelessly perfecting our homemade jams, sourcing the creamiest, single ingredient, nut butters in California and finding the best whole wheat bread to put them between. It’s important that our consumer recognizes each ingredient listed on the back of our packaging. That’s why our snacks are made with high quality, no junk ingredients that you know. The only corners we'll ever cut are the crusts.

Beyond this, we want to create a community of snack enthusiasts who care about what they’re putting in their bodies; who crave something healthy and know that food can taste good and be good. Glad you visited… stay a while.