What are Chubby Snacks?

Chubby Snacks is a growing consumer brand bringing the traditional PB&J to the 21st century. Our plant-based nut butter and jam sandwiches are powered by chia seeds and sweetened with dates. Packed with tangy sweetness and salty swirls within pillow soft wheat bread, we provide a low-sugar, high-protein, high-fiber snack for both kids and adults.

How do you sweeten your sandwiches?

Our one of a kind jam recipe is what makes our PB&Js stand out from the rest. We’ve worked tirelessly to craft the unique taste that we all know to love while reinforcing strong macros. At 3g to 4g of sugar per 75g sandwich, our jams deserve to be bottled and sold separately ;)

We blend together different purees, juice concentrates and extracts to really bring home the grape and strawberry flavors and pair it primarily with Dates, some sprinkles of monk fruit and fermented cane sugar. Monk fruit is a 0 sugar sweetener with no glycemic impact, making it one of the healthiest alternatives to sugar.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We always recommend storing your PB&Js in the freezer before consuming fo r the best quality and peak freshness. Our products have a frozen shelf life of 6 months. If you’d like to store your PB&Js in the refrigerator, they have a shelf life of up to 7 days. A common use case is to toss some PB&Js from the freezer into the fridg e the night before you know you plan to consume them. Outside of the freezer / fridge, our PB&Js a good for up to 24 hours depending on external conditions. Our sandwiches are packaged for on - the - go so feel free to pop them in your bag on the way out of th e house and enjoy when you’re ready to devour a PB&J!

Are your products considered vegan?

Yes! All of our ingredients are plant - based because being vegan is our jam.

What are net carbs and how do you calculate them?

We focus our attention on net carbs be cause fiber and (most) natural sweeteners don't affect your blood sugar. Instead, they're removed to get "net carbs," which you can think of as the active carbs that affect your body. To calculate net carbs, subtract the fiber from the total carb count, an d you'll be left with the net carbs! So get calculating, and thank us later.

Are your products non - GMO?

Although we are currently not certified non - GMO, all of our ingredients are non - GMO. We plan to apply for this certification in the near future! Feel free to message us for more information.

Where does the fat content come from?

The fat on our nutrition labels are healthy fats derived mainly from our bread and nut butters.

Why are your products frozen?

Since we don't use any chemical preservatives or processed ingredients, storing your Chubby Snacks in a freezer or refrigerator is required to maintain our products' peak freshness, consistency, shape, and flavor. We recommend freezing them until you're ready to consume.

Are your products certified organic?

Because only some of our ingredients are organic, we do not yet have a certification to make such claims. Although we plan to achieve Certified Organic soon, the process is quite complex and costly.

Full transparency, as a small business, we figured that it's more important to focus on developing the most nutrient - rich, best tasting, and competitively priced PB&J instead of pursuing the certification at this time.

Are your foods low glycemic and are they good for diabetics?

Chubby Snacks are packed full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, which can help maintain and stabilize blood sugars. Please consult with your doctor before consuming any Chubby Snacks products.

Where can I buy your products?

Chubby Snacks are now sold across 40+ states as well as online. Find us in the freezer aisle at Whole Foods, HEB, Target, ShopRite, Giant, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fresh Thyme, etc. or online at some of our favorite digital grocers like Thrive Market, HungryRoot, FreshDirect, etc. Check out our STORE LOCATOR to find the closest store to you.

What are your shipping options?

We ship 2 day delivery on every order to ensure your PB&Js get delivered in the best quality possible. Once your order is processed, expect them to arrive frozen or slightly thawed out. Our curbside recyclable shipping containers, insulation and ice packs are designed to keep products cold for 52 hours in transit. Once delivered, pop them in the freezer for storage.

What if my products arrived warm?

If your Chubby Snacks arrived warm, they are still completely safe to consume assuming they haven’t been left outside for a long period of time (especially during the summer or if you live in a typically hot region of the country). Chubby Snacks are meant to be eaten at room temperature, but are shipped frozen in order to maintain freshness and quality. Put them in the freezer once received until you’re ready to consume. Upon opening individual packages, if you notice sogginess or mold, please dispose of them and reach out to

When do you typically ship?

Because our products are perishable items, we only ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (depending on your location) to avoid having your PB&Js stuck in a warehouse/fulfillment center over the course of a weekend. So, if you order after noon EST on Thursday, expect us to ship the following week. This allows us to provide our customers with the freshest product. Having said that, all orders will be delivered by Saturday at the latest.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is processed, you will automatically be sent an email and/or text message confirming that your order has been shipped. In this notification, you’ll be provided with a tracking link to monitor your delivery.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once you receive your shipping confirmation email, your Chubby Snacks PB&Js will be delivered within 2 days to ensure you’re receiving them at peak freshness.

How can I sign up for a recurring subscription?

Easily navigate to any of our products. You’ll see under the product title and flavor two purchase options: the one-time order at full price, and the subscribe and save which saves you 22% on each order.

Is there any minimum commitment for a subscription?

No, you can cancel your subscription at any time. No strings attached.

How can I swap my subscription flavor?

Simply text β€œSTART” to (833)-923-3709 to make any changes. And if you prefer to log into your account, you can always log in to your Chubby Snacks account via our website instead here.

Can I skip a shipment?

Of course! Simply text β€œSTART” to (833)-923-3709 make any changes. You can also login to your account and click β€œdelivery schedule” and then β€œskip!”

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

In order to pause or cancel your subscription, you will first need to log in to your account. On the website, click the Subscriptions tab, then next to each of the products you are subscribed to is a Cancel button. You would use this if you would like to no longer receive this subscription product.

How do I update the Subscription Billing Information?

In the Billing Information tab, you’ll find the current method of payment along with the current billing address. However, this is not the same as the shipping address. You would edit the address in this section if something has changed for the card holder’s place of residence or the email address on file.

How do I update my Subscription shipping address?

Once logged in, click on Subscriptions and click Edit to the right of the address. This only affects the shipping/delivery address, this does not update billing information related to the method of payment.

Can I add or change the products in my Subscription?

Yes, once logged in, select the Subscription tab, then click Add Product. This will open a pop-up where you can search, view, and select additional products to add to your upcoming deliveries. You may also choose the frequency and first shipment date. You can also select Swap and select the replacement product.

What is Route?

We’ve partnered with Routeβ€”a package protection and tracking solutionβ€”to give our customers the best possible delivery experience. Route offers a few options to improve the post-purchase experience.

Route Protect

Route Protect is premium package protection for your online orders. When you add Route Protect at checkout, you can easily file issues for lost, stolen, or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise. Purchased Route Protect and need to file a shipping issue? File here

The Route App (Free)

The Route App allows you to visually track all of your online orders in one place. No need to dig through your email for tracking numbers–dynamic maps and real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here

Where is my order?

Download Route’s mobile app for iOS or Android to visually track your package and receive real-time notifications on its estimated delivery.

Route Refunds vs Reorders

Refunds: When refunding an item, Route covers the subtotal of the order. Shipping costs, taxes, and the Route premium are not included. Reorders: Route will reorder the items, but please note that items can only be replaced depending on in-stock availability. All reorders have Route Shipping Protection added, for free!

What are Route’s Policies?

All policies are listed here

Marked As Delivered (Stolen)

- Issues can be approved no earlier than 5 and no later than 15 days from when it was marked delivered
- Orders over $100 USD require a police report

Stuck In Transit (Lost)

- Issues can be approved no earlier than 7 days and no later than 30 days from the last update (US), 60 days from order date

- Issues can be approved no earlier than 20 days and no later than 30 days from the last update (International), 60 days from order date


- File issues for damaged items with photos of the package and item (required) and no later than 15 days from when it was marked delivered.

What if my order never arrives or is stolen?

To protect your order against loss or theft, add Route package protection at checkout. When you add Route Protect, you can easily file an issue for a lost, stolen, or damaged package. When you file an issue, it will be reviewed for approval for a reorder or refund within 1-2 business days.

What if my order is damaged?

To protect your order against damage that occurred during shipping, add Route Protect (package protection) at checkout. When you add Route Protect at checkout, you can easily file an issue for a lost, stolen, or damaged package. When you file an issue, it will be reviewed for approval for a reorder or refund within 1-2 business days. If your order has defects or you suspect it was damaged during manufacturing, please reach out to us at here and we will be happy to work with you to remedy the situation.

How do I file a shipping issue for my lost, stolen or damaged order?

If you insured your order with Route Protect at checkout, you will receive a confirmation email from Route with a link to file a shipping issue. You can also file a shipping issue on Route’s app or via the the web here.. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here

Does Route Protect cover stolen items?

Yes! When you insure your orders with Route Protect, stolen items are eligible for reorders or refunds.

What are Route’s terms and conditions?

Route’s terms and conditions are listed here:

Is Route a licensed insurance company?

Yes. Route is a licensed insurance company with SEG Insurance Ltd. as its partner.