We'll start by saying that Chubby Organics is a Nut Butter and Jam (NB&J) company reimagining your favorite sandwich (we think you know the one). Our mission is to organically and sustainably create mouthwatering combinations of NB&J's without cutting any corners (other than the crusts… more on that later) while striving to eliminate ANY Food Waste throughout the production process (Oh yeah!).

PB&J's were an everyday staple during our childhood. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, dinner or an on-the-go snack, we were getting our daily nutrition through this iconic American favorite. Chubby Organics is now reinventing the one sandwich that breaks the norms of when certain foods should be eaten throughout the day.

Chubby Organics invites adults and kids alike into our world of NB&Js to enjoy our sandwiches, spreads, and protein bites. Our products not only boast nutritional macros rivaling many of your favorite protein bars, but also promote a healthy take on one of your favorite past times.

Unlike traditional PB&Js, Chubby Organics Superfood NB&Js are packed with REAL INGREDIENTS ONLY!. We do not add any fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients to our products. As we like to put it, NO JUNK.

Our sandwiches are made daily here in Los Angeles and will stay fresh for up to 45 days in the refrigerator! If you’re on the go, no worries, they’ll stay good for a few days at room temp too. We personally think they’re best eaten fresh, but if you want to freeze them they’ll last you 90 days!